The Great Dubois visits Stockton University

Written for The Argo by Victoria Orlowski

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Stockton University hosted The Great Dubois, a two-person circus show consisting of Michael Dubois and Viktoria Grimmy. The show began at 2 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. 

Michael Debois and Viktoria Grimmy. Photo courtesy of https://www.thegreatdubois.com/.

Some of their previous appearances include Pippin on Broadway, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the movie Burlesque, and a popular musical, The Greatest Showman

With five generations of circus performing behind them, Grimmy and Dubois continued to bring that same energy to the Stockton stage. They wowed and energized their Stockton audience by balancing both the performance and interacting with members of the audience.

Grimmy and Dubois enacted a series of impressive feats that dazzled and mystified. As part of their act, they incorporated juggling, a whip, a unicycle, and a balancing wire, among other things. Dubois jumped rope with the unicycle and even rode it while wearing a straight jacket. He also used the help of two audience members to help him get on top of the unicycle, joking along the way and getting laughs out from the audience.

Some other acts included juggling while balancing on a wire, riding the unicycle on the wire, Grimmy balancing objects on her head, as well as balancing acts involving hula hoops, and Grimmy doing contortion. The audience was all smiles and laughs.

For information on upcoming performances, check out the Performing Arts Center on the Stockton website.