This photo shows the first Argo staff in 1971. The Argo is an independent student-run newspaper, producing 24 issues a year. 

Serving the Stockton community since 1971.

The Argo has been a staple of Stockton University for decades, growing and adapting to change and progress as the school made its way from a secluded state college in the heart of the Pine Barrens to a major competitive university that flourishes everyday.

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I’m Liz, the editor-in-chief of The Argo! I am a senior at Stockton University studying Literature with a concentration in Literary Studies. When I’m not working at The Argo, I can be found tutoring at the Writing Center and working part-time at a local preschool. I also serve as co-editor-in-chief of Stockton’s student-run literary magazine, Stockpot Literary Magazine!

I’m Emma, assistant editor of The Argo! I’m a senior majoring in Communication Studies on the Journalism and Media Studies track with a minor in writing. I have been writing for The Argo since I transferred to Stockton in the Fall 2021 semester. When I’m not on campus, you can find me at the beach!

My name is Kayla Caputo and I am the Business Advertising Manager for The Argo! I am a Business Studies major with a concentration in Marketing here at Stockton University. Aside from my involvement in The Argo, I spend my time as a Casino Accounting Representative for Ocean Casino Resort. For fun, I love painting, cooking, thrifting, traveling, and hanging out with friends. 

My name is Emily Hamilton and I am the Social Media Manager for The Argo! I am a senior Literature Creative Writing student with a Minor in Disability Studies. Even as a commuter student I like to stay involved with campus activities and clubs to explore it interests outside my Literature major. In my free time I enjoy going to L.B.I. whether it’s summer or fall to enjoy the beach and food! In the future I hope to work in publishing or even in the journalism field!

I am Charles Obirinanwa, the Career Columnist for the Argo. I’m a first year student majoring in Biology with a concentration in pre-professional studies. I love traveling with family and friends.

I’m Rachel, the Sports Columnist for The Argo! Current senior here at Stockton majoring in Exercise Science and looking to pursue a career in clinical research. When I’m not breaking a sweat or studying, you’ll find me reading leisurely, going on long walks, or trying new activities.

My name is Suzy Cook and I’m joining the Argo team as a copy editor! I’m majoring in Sustainability with a concentration in Policy and a minor in Business Studies. I’m also a member of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and sing alto in Stockton’s Stockapella. You can always find me on campus or in the parking lot looking for a spot!

My name is Courtney Bono! I am a Junior at Stockton University joining The Argo as a copy editor. I am currently studying Public Relations and Advertising with a double minor in Writing and Business Studies. I am involved in the Tri Sigma sorority on campus, and I am the Public Relations Student Society of America Vice President! In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts and spending time with friends and family.