Career Corner

Q&A of the week– career corner

Q: How do you define your career goals and aspirations?

A: Everyone desires to build a successful career, especially after spending a great time of their lives in school. However, to build a successful career, it is important to create a set of goals and aspirations to guide your progress. These goals should be objective, easy to understand, and well-defined.

To define your career goals, you must start by exploring opportunities. There are many opportunities in the world today, and you are only able to utilize them by searching for them. Furthermore, when you find opportunities, you must compare them to figure out which one best aligns with you. When you compare your options, you are able to ascertain which opportunities are of value to you professionally.

In the same vein, you must establish short-term and long-term goals. What are those things you hope to accomplish now and in the future? Are you hoping to work in a small firm now and move to a bigger one in the future, or set up your own business? These are the questions that you must ask yourself. While doing that, you must measure your current progress professionally. The number and kind of places you have worked at, the kind of pay you have received, and so on are things that will help you measure your career progress and decide on your next steps.

Finally, you can write down your defined goals and aspirations. You can even have it pasted beside your bed so that you can see it every time and you are constantly reminded of the things you must accomplish.