Campus Life

Stockpot Literary Magazine and Literature Club co-host first-ever creative writing workshops

Written for The Argo by Erin Nevin

At 5:30 p.m. in the Creative Writing Lab (F218), on Feb. 8 and 9, Stockton Literature Club and Stockpot Literary Magazine held their first joint creative writing workshop. With the room filled with relaxing lo-fi music and easy conversation, this workshop focused on allowing students to create new written work with the guidance of their peers.

Workshop writing prompts. Photo courtesy of Erin Nevin.

The first meeting on Wednesday the 8th, run by Stockpot co-editor-in-chief Sarah Coe, was focused on the creation of students’ work. Students were provided with a series of prompts written by managing editor Victoria Orlowski but were encouraged to write whatever spoke to them. For the full hour, students had the opportunity to work freely in what Coe called a “very chill environment.”

The Thursday meeting was run by Stockpot’s other co-editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Myers. Returning students read the pieces they began in the previous meeting while new students brought pieces that they had previously written. They were then discussed and constructive feedback was given.

“Stockpot and Literature Club are both kind of connected under the umbrella branch of literature,” said Coe when asked what made the two organizations join together for this event. “While a lot of literature is in reading and analysis, an equal and important part is creation.”

Taina Altagracia, a junior majoring in Literature with a concentration in secondary education, attended both meetings and shared her poetry with those in attendance. She’s no stranger to the host organizations, stating, “I’m a part of Stockpot…and also the Literature Club. I haven’t gone to most meetings because I’m in my internship, but I just want to continue to come as much as I can and continue to work on my craft.”

The core of these events lies in the emphasis on student-led creativity. Offering students a set time and place allows them to keep their focus on and refine their writing in a relaxed space. According to Coe, “We wanted to create a space and a time where people could come and create and express their creativity in a time they might not set aside themselves, in a space they might not have.”

If this interests you and you missed last week’s workshop, the next one will be held at 5:30 p.m. on February 22nd and 23rd in the Creative Writing Lab, F218, and will continue on a biweekly basis. Wednesday’s meetings will be dedicated to writing, while Thursdays will center around peer review.