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Q: How do I maintain an ideal work-life balance?

A: Maintaining a good work-life balance is sometimes difficult but it is possible to achieve, especially when you are good at prioritizing. Good work-life balance is the ability to prioritize the demands of one’s personal life and the demands of one’s work life while maintaining a balance between both. The average person cannot function properly without keeping a good work-life balance because, without that, at least one facet of a person’s life will suffer. 

To maintain an ideal work-life balance, there are a number of things that can be done. To start with, you must learn to say ‘no’ when you are overwhelmed by your current tasks and cannot take on new tasks. Also, you must take breaks when necessary. You are first a human before you become an employee, so you need to take some time between tasks to get rejuvenated.

Furthermore, you must practice self-love. A wise man once said that self-love is not selfish—instead, it is you looking out for yourself. It is important for you to take time occasionally to treat yourself right. An outing to a place of your choice or a hangout with friends is a good way for you to destress and get back on track.

It is important that you start making an effort to keep a good work-life balance because, without that, you might not be productive and efficient in getting the job done.