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Eigbe and Bracey make statements following Student Senate impeachment hearing

Student Senator Irenonsen Eigbe was impeached Tuesday, Jan. 24. Student Senate President Brianna Bracey passed a motion for the impeachment of Eigbe, the Student Government Affairs Chair, on Wednesday, Jan. 18. This motion was seconded by Joshua Hunte during a meeting between the executive board, which voted 6-0 to move forward with the impeachment process. The rest of the senate was allowed the opportunity to veto this motion, but none of the members chose to.

In a statement to The Argo Eigbe said, “Despite everything that has happened within the past few months, I still love Student Senate and its mission. It was a pleasure being able to represent the Governmental Affairs Committee, however, it became increasingly difficult to accomplish anything within Senate as half of the e-board became hypercritical of anything I would do or say, blaming me for the actions of clubs or people I am associated with.”

Eigbe further explains that she feels “…it is understandable to dislike people for personal reasons…” but she did not expect the e-board to impeach her for claims against her that she claims to be false. She further stated that she wanted to clear the air on the evidence presented in the impeachment hearing since “… there were only a few students present at the hearing due to Senate’s lack of transparency about it…”. 

“President Brianna Bracey mentioned speaking with me repeatedly about matters when she had never spoken with me personally. She only brought matters to e-board meetings twice and met with me and our advisors once at the end of November to discuss an impeachment. She also charged me with insubordination on the grounds that I suggested inviting my committee to an e-board meeting concerned with editing the Senate’s constitution: one of their duties explicitly granted by the document,” Eigbe said.

Furthermore, Eigbe claims there to be “…flimsiness of her [Bracey’s] proof…” and that Eigbe “…complied with her demand to not involve my committee in the process…”. 

“The false rumors were also something I had only heard about while abroad for a class trip. I did not start nor spread these falsehoods, but it negatively affected how I was perceived by those who did not know me as well as my comfort in Senate,” Eigbe said.

In her closing remarks about the situation, Eigbe feels there was a personal bias against her and that she should not have been removed from her position, stating that it was “…unprofessional…” and that “…the clique-like nature of Senate led to severely pervasive bias against me during the trial…”.

“I wanted to get my voice out as I am tired of Student Senate making assumptions about me as well as speaking on my behalf for all of this. Senate speaks for the students, but it has not spoken for me or the students I represent,” Eigbe said.

Bracey also took the opportunity to reflect on the impeachment and the Student Senate’s plans to move forward since the trial.

“Let me first begin by saying that this was not an easy decision to make by any means. Irenonsen Eigbe is not a bad person and I ensure everyone that the Student Senate will keep a respectful and civil affiliation with Irenonsen Eigbe regardless of the hearing. She was a senator and at the end of the day she is still a Stockton student, and I want to give her the same courtesy we present everyone else at Stockton,” Bracey said.

Bracey further expressed that this hearing was brought on to maintain efficiency and order within the Student Senate to ensure the best care for the members and school community.

“However, our organization does not and will not run effectively when our members are creating a toxic and uncomfortable environment for each other. In the real world, actions have consequences, it is as simple as that. As the head of the organization, I would fail my members if I didn’t enforce the consequences when they are needed,” Bracey said.

More importantly, Bracey emphasized her appreciation for the patience of the members of the Student Senate as it was a long and hard hearing. It was a tough choice for the Senators to make, but they felt given the evidence that this was the best course of action.

“Since the hearing is done and over with, I want to move forward in the senate so I would encourage everyone to have no more discussion regarding the hearing. I believe dwelling over it will only keep the atmosphere uncomfortable for others. I am here for everyone and I am here for the best interest of the Student Senate and for Stockton,” Bracey said.