Women’s basketball losing streak shocks fans

Over the winter break, Stockton’s women’s basketball has had fans on their toes with their performances. Fans witnessed the Ospreys perform an 8-2 record at the beginning of the season, which was a better start compared to the 2019-20 season (2-5).

Currently, the team is on a six-game losing streak, evening out the wins to losses 8-8. Not including the game against the #1 team in the state, New York University (NYU), a win against these other teams was within reach. New Jersey City University was a 3-point difference (56-59) and so was Kean University in North Jersey (51-56). The low shooting percentage for 3-point shots was their downfall; being able to create holes in the defensive by having a consistent 3-point shooter would create more opportunities for the Ospreys. Scoring 28 points in the paint, which is over 50% of points, is nearly impossible with tougher teams. Aiya Underwood, a red-shirt senior, further explained, “It is basically the end of the game situation. When we have the lead we need to learn how to maintain it.”

Underwood remarked, “At the beginning [of the season] it was amazing, [even observing] you could see it. There was so much talent on the floor. I guess it was the break, I don’t know what changed…maybe the time off and we have to get back to [where we were].” Her teammate Ikechi Wokocha adds, “We’re still good, we just need to get back to playing our game.”

The team has some adjustments to make but still has a chance to finish the season strong. They have a chance to challenge these teams again and compete for a higher seed in the NJAC conference because the top six teams make it to the playoffs. The team has the potential to come back and persevere.

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