Campus Life

Stockton holds 38th annual Student, Faculty, and Staff Dinner

On Thursday, November 18th, 2022, Stockton held the 38th annual Student, Faculty & Staff dinner in the Campus Center Event Room. Chief Operating Office of Stockton’s Atlantic City campus, Brian Jackson, was the master of ceremonies; this year’s event was the first in its history to not feature Dr. Yitzhak Sharon, who served as its master of ceremonies for nearly four decades. Jackson began the event with a brief remark, stating that “as we approach the Thanksgiving dinner to break bread, we recognize the sponsors of the dinner, which include Stockton’s Student Senate, Campus Religious Council, Hillel, and the Office of Student Development.

He also recognized dignitaries like Dr. Susan Davenport, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, and Robert Heinrich, Vice President for Enrollment Management, as well as, staff and students. He further stated that the dinner began under the leadership of Dr. Vera King Farris who served as Stockton’s president between 1983 and 2003. “What is unique about this dinner is that students have the opportunity to invite faculty and staff,” Jackson noted.

Bracey and Bell address attendees at the 38th annual Student, Faculty, and Staff Dinner. Photo courtesy of Charles Obirinanwa.

Thereafter, he invited Student Senate President Brianna Bracey and Samantha Bell, who doubles as the President of Hillel and Vice President of Campus Religious Council for their welcome speech. Bracey said that “we are happy to host the dinner again even after the pandemic, and thank you to those who brought food items to support the hunger awareness week.” Bell expressed her appreciation for everyone on behalf of the Campus Religious Council and Hillel. While each officer was giving their remarks, Stockton’s Provost, Leamor Kahanov walked in and was recognized after the speech by Jackson.

Shelly Lou, an intern for the Holocaust Resource Center was invited by Jackson to deliver some community thoughts. Lou appreciated all the professors for their tireless efforts and contributions, particularly in the health science department. She also acknowledged other faculty members for their impact on the students.

After Lou’s speech, Jackson announced that it was time for dinner and noted that there were kosher and halal food options available for anyone with dietary restrictions. As people returned to their tables to eat, Imani Mensah and Stockton Music Union entertained the audience with a warm performance. During the dinner, the Faculty & Staff of the Year Awards were presented by Brianna Bracey and Samantha Bell. The Faculty member of the year award was presented to Assistant Political Science Professor, Dr. Lauren Balasco, while the Staff member of the year award was awarded to Ribon Kareem.

Afterward, Dr. Harvey Kesselman, President of Stockton University was invited to present the Harvey Kesselman Community Impact Award. President Kesselman said that the award is presented to campus community members who show selflessness and contribute to Stockton’s community, and everyone plays a part in making Stockton great.

The award was presented to Associate Director of Admissions, Jessica Grullon and Alicia Jenkins, a senior majoring in Mathematics. Jessica said that “she never expected the award and felt honored to have been recognized” while Alicia said that “she appreciates some of her mentors for putting her on the right path to become a better person.”

The event ended at around 7:00 p.m., with the attendees taking pictures in groups.