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Tutorial: using the chat feature on job search sites

Most job search sites usually have a live chat feature located on their home page. This feature is a great resource to communicate with the platform to get answers to possible questions you may have. Although most of the chat features are robotic, others are managed by actual humans and can provide answers to your questions in seconds.

Due to the traffic these sites usually have, they have a set of frequently asked questions. You can use the chat feature to narrow down your options of job types that you may be looking for. For instance, if you intend to work in an engineering firm in only New Jersey, you can use the chat feature to request only engineering opportunities in New Jersey so that your job search is simplified.

Furthermore, other factors like salary type and amount, working options, benefits, and requirements are potential things that the chat feature can help you with. Again, since these chats are controlled by robots or customer service representatives, do not expect to get too many details on your questions. However, they may provide you with good guidelines and make your search easier.