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Q&A of the week– career corner

Q: Why should I choose a particular industry to work with?

A:  Choosing a particular industry to work with or intern with is a good way to build a successful career path for yourself. When you equip yourself with the necessary skills to succeed in a particular industry, you stand a better chance of being at the forefront of that industry after acquiring sufficient experience. Another reason to grow in a particular industry is that you have a niche that people can identify you with. Carving a niche for yourself is important because future employers would be assured that you possess the required skills and experience to work in their organization. Furthermore, there is a level of financial security that comes with being in a particular industry, because people recognize your work and are willing to refer you anytime an opportunity comes up. Note that while it’s important to choose a particular industry, you must choose an industry that aligns with your professional goals so that you can be fulfilled.