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Tutorial: using Stockton’s Hiretouch portal

If you are ever looking for an opportunity to work on-campus, then Stockton’s Hiretouch portal is for you. At the bottom of Stockton’s webpage lies the ‘Employment’ feature, that takes you to Hiretouch. Hiretouch is where you can find on-campus jobs. If you are a current student, to search for student worker positions, you click the location that you are interested in working at; then, for the job category, you select ‘Student workers.’ Beneath that, you will see the department. If you desire to work in a certain department, you click the department you want to work in.

You can also input the close and open dates if you want to see recent job opportunities. Afterward, you click on the search button. Clicking all of the aforementioned criteria helps to narrow down your search to only opportunities that you are interested in and helps save you the time of scrolling through opportunities. 

Each job position usually states the description of the job, the responsibilities of the employee, the required qualifications, required hours, and sometimes states the pay. Thereafter, if you are interested in the job, you click the ‘apply for the position’ button. Usually, you will be asked to upload some documents like your resume and a letter of interest and to fill out a form online to apply. When you are done, you can submit and patiently wait to be contacted by the employer.

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