Campus Life

Student Development hosts Multicultural Month closing ceremony

On October 31st, 2022, The Office of Student Development held a closing ceremony to wrap up this year’s annual Multicultural month celebration. The event– which was well attended by students, faculty members, staff, and alumni– was planned by Dianne Stalling, Assistant Director of Student Development. At the event, Africana Studies Professor, Dr. Kimoni Ajani was the master of ceremonies and coordinated the event exceptionally well.

Larry Daniels, an alumnus of Stockton and a Financial Advisor of Alto Group was the guest speaker. Daniels shared his experience at Stockton as a person of color. He recounted that he was the Vice President of the Student Senate, and President of the United Black Students Society among other positions he held while at Stockton. While Daniels was delivering his speech, a PowerPoint presentation about Russia was presented. 

Members of the Stockton community gather to celebrate the end of Multicultural Month. Photo courtesy of Charles Obirinanwa.

The slideshow contained information about Russia like its location, 83 states, and its shared borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, China, and so on. The slide also showed that Russia is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas globally.

In Daniels’ speech, he emphasized the importance of networking and building lifelong relationships, highlighting how instrumental that was in helping him build a successful career. He also stated that it is necessary for people to come together to celebrate the diversity of the human race. Quoting Daniels, “”Isn’t it interesting that everyone has something unique to offer to the world irrespective of their race or ethnicity? We need to start looking beyond the color of our skin and accept that we are stronger together.”

After Daniels’ speech, there was a brief interlude where refreshments were given. As people grabbed their food, the Young Picassos band, a three-man band, entertained the audience with their wonderful performance of classical medleys. Thereafter, Tahira Brown gave a solo musical performance at the event. Later on, Dr. Beverely Vaughn accompanied her with the piano.

After Tahira’s performance, the floor was opened for people to give their opinions about the multicultural month and why they felt the celebration was necessary. It was an interactive session where several people gave their views, like Criminal Justice Professor, Dr. Janice Joseph who said that “the multicultural month remains a time to celebrate our diversity” and student senator, Charles Obirinanwa who said that “Times like this are for us to come together and accept that we are all one and our diversity makes us interesting.”

The event ended at about 6:30 p.m. with a vote of thanks by Dianne Stalling.