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Tutorial: Using LinkedIn’s ‘my network’ feature

Networking is fundamental for career success. You never know who can be your ladder to where you want to get career-wise. LinkedIn offers a unique feature to help you meet new people and connect with them. In Linkedln’s mobile app– which can be downloaded from Playstore or the App Store– the ‘My Network’ feature sits at the bottom of the page.

Like Facebook and Instagram which allows you to connect with people, the names and profiles of different people who you might be interested in connecting with are available for you to follow on LinkedIn. It also shows you people you might know and people in other categories that you like.

On My Network’s page, there is a search icon at the top that you can click to search for particular people that you want to connect with. Studies show that over 10 million people got hired through LinkedIn in 2022 alone, so while searching for jobs you can also communicate with people to widen your network there.

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