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Q : How do I write an attractive resume?

A : Building a resume can be tiring. While there are several websites that help you make your resume, it doesn’t hurt to personalize your resume to your taste. Statistics have shown that employers are more likely to employ job applicants with attractive resumes, rather than those whose resumes are unappealing. Consequently, to write a good resume, it is important to start with your personal information (address, contact information, etc.) at the top of your resume. Writing your full name in bold and placing it as the header of your resume is a common but effective way to capture the attention of employers. Following your personal information should be your professional experience. Start with your most recent job position! Under this section, include all internships you have had and state the positions you held at each organization you worked at ending with your least recent employment. Your educational qualifications and history should come immediately after your professional experience, starting with your highest degree. State the name of your institution, your program of study, and your program’s duration. After those two important sections, your achievements, personal values, skills, and languages you speak can follow. Make sure to end your resume with professional references. Ensure that every piece of information provided on your resume is clearly stated.

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