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Movie Review: “The Big Lebowski”

Written for The Argo by Spencer Barc

Since moving back to Stockton, many have taken comfort in revisiting nostalgic pieces of media. Whether that be reading material, a television show, or a movie, one recommendable option for students is The Big Lebowski, written, directed, and produced by the Coen Brothers. 

Made in 1998, the film features highly esteemed actors such as Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi. Despite this, the movie received a mediocre public reaction and did not achieve considerable commercial success; however, years after its initial release, the movie has attracted a large cult following. The Big Lebowski has even inspired a whole religion of “Dudeists” who practice the religion, philosophy, and lifestyle of Jeff Bridges’ character, known as “The Dude.” 

The story follows The Dude as he coasts through life with very few concerns outside of his bowling team. That is until strangers break into his house and demand he pays back a debt of which he knows nothing. After realizing they have the wrong guy, they rough up his apartment, including a rug that The Dude considered to have really “tied the room together.” This leads The Dude to seek out the man he was mistaken for to get some compensation for his rug, leading him to conspire with the so-called “Big Lebowski” as they get into some shady business. 

“The Big Lebowski” screams creativity, from the soundtrack to the visuals. It’s truly a rollercoaster of a movie that has you noticing something new about it with every watch. Jeff Bridges skillfully embodies his character, and with supporting roles from Buscemi and Goodman, the movie is an absolute home run. 

If you are interested in watching more movies, Stockton hosts regular movie nights at all campus locations. Students can visit OspreyHub to see when and where movie nights will be hosted. Stockton’s next free movie showing is Thursday, Oct. 20 in the Campus Center Theatre, where “The Imitation Game” will be screened at 8:30 p.m.