Campus Life

Stockton Pride Alliance works to revitalize the organization post-pandemic

Written for The Argo by Courtney Combs

The Stockton Pride Alliance Organization has been looking to bring back to life the organization that it once had pre-pandemic; however, as the world continues to open back up again, the organization questions if it can fully revitalize its once joyous community. 

 “This year is a comeback year for us, we had to restart. When the pandemic hit and we returned in 2021, it was hard to gain members. No one really came to the meetings or activities we had. This year we boosted the organization, hoping that during our first event we’d have a lot of people come out to support,” said Kyasia Durrell, Vice President of the Stockton Pride Alliance. 

Durrell was inspired to join the Stockton Pride Alliance thanks to River Hammell, the current President of the organization. River’s determination and passion for fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights made Kyasia eager to join and hold a leadership position. 

“Being a leader helped me become more responsible and taught me that no matter my background, I’m not alone. To every Osprey who is or is soon to be a member, know that you are seen and valid in our eyes. This is a place for you to be free and comfortable within yourself,” Durell said. 

Stockton Pride Alliance strengthens unity between lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, and heterosexual people while creating an environment to help those who come out. The organization’s goal is to be the support group that they may not have had at home. As this club is working to bring back diversity, they are collaborating with many other organizations and holding tons of events such as Karaoke Night, National Coming Out Day with the Women Sexuality Organization at Stockton, Pride Week, and a bus trip to Out Fest in Philadelphia. 

The President and Vice President of this organization are looking to “put their organization out there,” with diverse events to gain more members of different cultures. Stockton Pride Alliance can be reached on Instagram at @stockton_pride_alliance. Additionally, they can visit for more information.