Campus Life

Los Latinos Unidos teams up with Student Development to host Story Space Event

Written for The Argo by Jared Keane

On Wednesday, October 11th, 2022, the Office of Student Development along with Los Latinos Unidos organized their monthly Story Spaces event. Story Spaces is an event run by Student Development to highlight different organizations around Stockton; this month’s theme was Hispanic Voices. Story Spaces is open to all members of the Stockton community.

Members of Los Latinos Unidos and Student Development teamed up to host a story space session for members to speak and feel recognized. Photo courtesy of Jared Keene.

At Wednesday’s event, guests were invited to come and speak about their experiences as members of the Hispanic/Latinx community. Within the hour that the event was held, seven different students spoke about their experiences. There was also an assortment of food at the event, including churros and soft drinks.

Each story was personal and unique to each individual. While most members were born in the United States, many of the speakers had stories to tell from their families’ countries of origin, which included nations like Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, and Guatemala. 

The event wrapped up with speakers telling the stories of their family’s journeys to the United States. Many of the stories showcased the strength and work ethic that the speakers have seen from their parents. In fact, some speakers cited these traits as an inspiration for them to attend Stockton University. 

For more information on future Student Development Story Spaces events, please refer to Osprey Hub. Additionally, the next event to be hosted by Student Development will occur on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022.