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Ocean City Coffee Co. gets you brew worth your money

Tired of corporate coffee that is overpriced for beans that cost pennies? Looking for a spot to camp out for the day and cram for Finals this week? 

Try the Ocean City Coffee shop with three locations in Ocean City two on the boardwalk and one on Asbury. The Ocean City coffee shop’s mission is to provide gourmet coffee at the lowest prices possible, they have a personal commitment to the coffee roasts developing the best flavors. 

Ocean City Coffee Company is unique in its setup, as a self serve coffee shop you pay for your cup size and then get to choose from multiple blends of coffee ranging from (my personal favorite) Ocean City blend coffee offering a mild cup that is uniquely combined of the most popular coffee roasts there is such as Brazilian, Colombian, and Guatemalan. Is it for something sweeter or finding yourself in Ocean City early? Try the French Toast coffee flavored with maple, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

There’s a variety of other flavors to choose from and with the comfortable atmosphere they offer with plush sofas, high tables, and some cozy tables propped up any patron who visits can lounge while drinking coffee and easily go back to try another flavor or two. But, if you find a flavor that you want to have every day at home, Ocean City Coffee Co. sells them in bulk for you to bring home and enjoy with friends and family (if sharing is your thing). 

Remember, only consume as much caffeine that is medically safe despite it currently being Finals Weeks.