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A donut cup to go, ice cream on the side please

There are three things I love. Coffee. Donuts. Ice cream. 

Drip N’ Scoop knew the chaotic potential they were unleashing on the public by combining all three and offering donuts stuffed with ice cream and coffee for everyone to leisurely enjoy with their Donut Ice Cream sandwiches. 

Drip N’ Scoop takes their donuts seriously by offering a “Donut Schedule” with what they currently offer freshly baked. Chocolate Nutella, S’mores, Vanilla Coconut, and so many more flavors on their “Specialty”. You thought they were done though with Speciality flavors? They even have premium flavors including Peanut Butter Cup and Maple Bacon (try it if you dare). Don’t worry though, for those who like their traditional donut flavors they still offer them as well. 

The Ice Cream gets its own specialties as well, offering different types of cones to be served with their ice cream and even waffles on top of it all. Ever heard of a waffle bowl? They have those too… It’s every sweet tooth’s dream to indulge in donuts and ice cream in the same place. 

To wash down all those sweets choose from a variety of different coffees and teas with multiple different syrup flavors. My go-to in every coffee is a lavender syrup, but they offer even more options like apple, butter rum, pumpkin spice, toasted marshmallow, and many many more. For those concerned about their sugar intake after the donuts and ice creams, there are sugar-free syrup options. 

Drip N’ Scoop has one operating location in Ocean City on Asbury Ave, but they are opening a location in Atlantic City and Somers Point soon. So be on the lookout for a Drip N’ Scoop near you. 

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