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Mito Asia is the to-go for after-class sushi runs

Looking for a quick fix in between class or something to grab with friends? 

Mito Asia on Jimmie Leeds Rd offers various appetizers, sushi, sashimi, fried rice, and tokatsu. There’s even more than all of that. Like the infamous boba tea, try the traditional flavors like Taro or Matcha, or try something new like Caramel Milk Tea or even Mito’s own take on Boba tea. 

Try a variety of different rolls that are fairly priced for the portion of food received. Raw fish lovers can find fairly-priced sushi and sashimi combo entrees offering the classic sushi delights such as California, Spicy Tuna, and Shrimp Tempura Roll. 

The Volcano Roll, one of the special rolls offered at Mito, is a lightly fried California roll with spicy crab on top, and a special spicy sauce coating the top. 

Of course, for friends that are wary of raw fish or anything remotely similar to sushi, there are cooked entrees available with the classic ramen noodles and teriyaki bowls with various options to choose from.

Mito Asia offers delivery restricted to only a 3-mile radius and to orders that are a minimum of $25, but that’s easy to treat yourself to two special rolls from the menu and a boba tea for good measure. If outside of the delivery radius, there is always an online option for those who want to just pick it up and head to their next destination. There is some dining space available, but Mito Asia is like the excellent quality fast food for sushi and Asian cuisine.

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