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Battle of the Boba

For many, Bambu has been a local favorite since 2016. The Boba franchise was founded in 2008 by four Vietnamese sisters in San Jose, California. Pre-pandemic, Bambu was the perfect spot to hang out with friends, play board games, do homework, and enjoy a refreshing drink. Now, that indoor seating is prohibited, it hasn’t stopped anyone from grabbing their favorite tea.

Their menu includes unique Chè, milk teas, Vietnamese coffee, Fruit Smoothies, and more. Occasionally, desserts include tiramisu, moon cake, macaroons and cupcakes.  I am obsessed with the peach, honey dew and coconut milk teas and would always order it with extra boba. On some days I would even order their delicious, warm BBQ pork buns. The perfect snack before making a trip to Marshalls. Bambu is one of the only dedicated Boba Shops in the area, or so I thought.

It wasn’t until last year that I discovered Boba Works, another Boba Shop dedicated to making unique Boba drinks and desserts. Located Inside the Linwood Exchange, this little paradise has dreamy drinks you could never resist. Flavors such as oreo oolong cream, lavender earl, butterfly lemonade, Sakura rose tea, brown sugar milk tea. The possibilities are endless! For those who don’t drink dairy, they have a non-dairy creamer and oat milk option. Unlike Bambu, Boba works is not a franchise. This south jersey bakery makes its treats for locals by locals! A few of their desserts include banana pudding, strawberry cream puffs, egg tarts, matcha tiramisu, Taiwanese pineapple cakes and more!

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience with flavors you won’t see anywhere else, I’d definitely recommend Boba Works. You can tell their desserts are made by hand with love. If you’re looking for something specific, Bambu will most likely have it since their menu is larger. Regarding their desserts, I enjoy the tiramisu the most. You can tell their treats have been prepackaged.  Nevertheless, these two boba shops are special in their own way. If I were to choose one, Boba Works takes the cup. (with extra boba pearls, of course)

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