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The Anchorage Tavern takes you back in time to seafaring history

The Anchorage Tavern on Bay Ave in Somers Point offers bar food and seafood. When stepping into the tavern you are stepping into a “fisherman’s” tavern. One room is dedicated to different portraits of ships and various other nautical items decorating the walls. And, of course, the main room was dedicated to a bar with enough seating for multiple big parties to enjoy drinks and whatever sports games are on for the night. Don’t worry, the portrait dining room had its own bar as well. 

Not only is the inside of this restaurant astonishing, but looking out the windows you could view the bay and the main bridge into Ocean City. For those dining close to sunset, the outdoor dining area offers a wonderful view of the sky changing from hues of bright orange and gentle pinks. 

The most important part of any tavern or restaurant though is the food. The menu offers a wide variety of choices allowing you to try something new every night for at least a month (yes, there are a lot of options). But, the unspoken rule is to order seafood. 

The Stuffed Mushroom Caps to start are too tempting to turn down. Big mushroom caps are generously filled with heaping amounts of crab cake and then smothered on the top in hollandaise sauce.  Oyster shooters, Buffalo Shrimp, Calamari, and so many more “App-Teasers” are available for those who want to start the night on a strong note. 

The menu consists of Italian Fare from Franchises with different meats, Milanese, and various other “classic” Italian foods you can enjoy. Sandwiches and salads are offered as well, because what other food can you rely on but a burger when unsure? 

But, ordering Seafood is the way to go. With many options given for the fish and shellfish to be fried or broiled. I went with broiled scallops. It tasted like comfort seafood, seasoned lightly and coated in butter. The scallops were served with a side of a creamy dip and cocktail sauce.

Not only does the Anchorage Tavern offer comfort seafood and various other dishes, but they are also the oldest continuous business in Somers Point. The Anchorage Tavern has been operating since the late 1800s and is located in the historic district. They offered a place to stay, sea bathing, and food for all visitors. And, currently, The Atlantic City Press has voted the Anchorage Tavern the “Best Local Restaurant”.

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