Career Corner

Professor Pam Cross retires this spring after 36 years of teaching 

Written for The Argo by Taylor Lee

Pam Cross, the First-Year Studies professor and Writing Center Coordinator, will be retiring this spring after teaching for 36 years at Stockton University, and she reflected on how enlightening her time here has been over the years. 

Professor Pam Cross with her dog. Photo courtesy of Taylor Lee.

“This is really a great place to work. I love the people I work with. I love the students and the freedom to be myself.”                                                                                                                                 

The local New Jersey resident received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Stockton University in 1982. Early in her career, her ultimate goal was to become a judge.

That goal was eventually reconsidered as Pam went on to attend Georgetown University to pursue a master’s degree in English. Shortly after graduation, she was offered a position at Stockton to work as the Writing Center Coordinator in 1986. During the beginning of her career, Pam stated that she made a “few rookie mistakes”. 

“My sixth-grade teacher was really into teaching the constitution which influenced me to study law and political science. I even ended up taking the LSATs.”                                        

“I had this ‘You will respect me, damn it!’ mindset, which didn’t last long,” said Cross.                                                                                                                      

As time went on, Pam adopted a different teaching style in order to feel true to herself. She wished to have a more personal relationship with her students rather than a superior persona. 

“I became more comfortable with being who I am as a teacher which is very informal and accessible. I don’t take myself too seriously”, Cross added.                                                                                                                          

Pam reflected on her most treasured aspect of teaching here at Stockton University. 

“Having these relationships with students who all have different backgrounds and unique personalities is the best part, really”, said Cross.                                                                                                

Although she will miss the atmosphere of the university and being around her students, Pam plans to adopt another dog to accompany her beloved mutt, Gracie. She is also taking an RV road trip to Ohio and Minnesota this summer to visit family. As for the far future, Pam eventually plans on temporarily relocating to Vermont with her husband, Greg. 

“We want to travel with our dog and look at homes in Vermont. We are considering looking at homes because we love the area for both winter and summer,” said Pam.                                                          

Pam thanks Stockton University for providing her with the opportunity to teach at such an amazing school with exceptional students and staff. 

  “Even though I am a little nervous about retiring and having so much time on my hands, I am excited for what the future holds for Greg, Gracie, and me”, Cross stated.