Table Tennis co-president offers important advice

Written for The Argo by Jared Keane

Victor Ramirez, current co-president of Table Tennis and junior at Stockton University, offered his advice on how to get involved and get better at tennis.

“Practice more than anything. Nothing’s going to replace practice. Also, don’t play to win.” 

As co-president, Ramirez can usually be found at the Table Tennis tables in the Campus Center. He is also very patient and can teach others about his craft.

When asked about his experience with Table Tennis, Ramirez explained, “I’ve been playing since Tenth Grade, so for six years.” 

“We started in high school, at Trenton Central High School. There wasn’t enough space so I founded the club there out of boredom,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez discussed the positives of the table tennis club at the college stating “We have a good budget. This semester is around $800, it usually goes to tournament prizes. We are planning to face other universities this semester, but since most are far from Gallaway, we don’t have any dates secured yet.”

“The biggest challenge would have to be membership. We don’t have that many people interested in coming to practices.” Ramirez answered.

“I chose to be the president because the club needed a foundation to be able to be a big club in the future,” Ramirez concluded. Ramirez concluded. 

For more information about the Stockton Table Tennis Club, log onto the Osprey Hub.