Career Corner

Professor Marcia Fielder shares insights on a career as a Jewish students professor

Written for The Argo by Magdalene Coleman

Professor Marcia Fiedler, a Jewish Studies professor at Stockton University, spoke about how she made her dreams come true on March 4. 

“I went to the University of Pittsburgh for my bachelor’s degree, New York University for my master’s degree, and Phoenix University for my doctorate in education,” Fiedler said. She became interested in teaching Jewish courses when she herself was in college. 

As a college student, Fiedler was asked to be an assistant teacher. “The President of (one of) my colleges encouraged me to get a doctorate,” Fiedler stated. Without her interests in teaching, she would either “be retired, or doing volunteer work.”

She loves being a professor and values the importance of learning about the Holocaust. “Students need to learn not to blindly follow,” Fiedler responded. “It is too easy to listen to rumors, and our past can repeat itself. We don’t want that to happen.”

If she were to write a book about Judaism, it would mostly be about “how to better understand what is written in the Bible.” Fiedler also teaches Bible courses where she discusses how to fully understand each verse. 

She enjoys working with her students and is passionate about encouraging them to continue their studies after graduation. “Value yourself, and almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It may take some time, but believe in yourself, and follow your gut.”

Professor Fiedler teaches Jewish Studies courses and other general courses on the Galloway campus.