Campus Life

The Osprey Ball kicks off in Philadelphia

On October 8th, Stockton held its annual Osprey Ball to kick off University weekend, and students were able to attend the event this year on the Spirit of Philadelphia. Student Senate, SET, the Greek Council, Student Development and Alumni Relations partnered to sponsor this event for all students to enjoy a night in Philly aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia. As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations this year there was a pleasant change of scenery to the standard ball being in the Campus Center Event room and as such tickets for the event sold out in less than three days.

Around 130 students arrived on the Spirit of Philadelphia around 6:30 and were treated to good food, DJ music, and a cash bar -for those over 21, a controlled situation that was well organized- in the lower deck that the university had rented out for the Osprey Ball. Once all students  had enough food and the right precautions were taken, guests were able to explore the upper decks of the boat and look out onto the Philadelphia skyline while also spying notable New Jersey landmarks like Camden’s Adventure Aquarium and the Battleship New Jersey.

After all the other passengers were aboard for the various events happening on the ship that night, the Spirit of Philadelphia set sail to give a tour of Philadelphia’s illuminated night time scenery. Students had the opportunity to take photos with friends with the waterfront in the background, as well as a chance to dance and rest on the decks while watching the Philadelphia skyline. Those in attendance were stunned the first time the boat passed under the Benjamin Franklin bridge as well. 

After the event was unable to occur last year due to the pandemic, it seems as though many students were excited to have the chance to enjoy each other’s company and get a twist on an annual event.“The food and music were good and the boat ride was very scenic. Overall the event was a lot of fun and great to attend,” stated Dylan Garrabrant, a junior marine biology student who attended the event. 

Others like Kassandra Macaya, a junior studying public health stated, “The Osprey Ball was amazing! I loved that we did something different and went on a ship instead of being on campus. I made new friends, the food was delicious (shout out to the Mac and cheese), and the view we had was stunning. It definitely makes me excited for future events now that we are beginning to return to normal.”