Campus Life

Students Rally against Key of David Protest

If you passed by the campus center on Wednesday afternoon, you may have wondered what the ruckus was about. Rainbow flags, hand painted signs, and wall of students took over the steps of the campus center. On the other side of the grass, the Key of David Christian Center stood their ground Insisting students to turn to Jesus. The Key of David Christian Center is a non-denomination Christian Church based in West Philadelphia. Besides Stockton University, the group has also traveled to universities such as Rowan, the University of Delaware, Drexel and more. In addition, the group also attend pride parades and protests to warn those who are heading to hell.

Students express their disappointment in the university not being able to remove the group off the premises. The Key of David Christian Center had the right to free speech as Stockton university is a public property. Removal of the Key of David Christian center could lead to a lawsuit.

Ryan Hicks, a senior environmental science major, said “I pity those who can’t experience love regardless of skin color, gender or identity. Stockton students will not back down from a challenge”

Kristen Pavese, a freshman Psychology Major, said “Everyone came together and made the experience fun. It was difficult for me to hear the hateful things being said, Especially towards women and the LGBTQ+ community. I commend everyone who was out there fighting for their right to be who they are”

Following the events, Student Senate President Brianna Bracey sent out an email to the student body. Bracey said, “the First Amendment is what allowed these individuals to freely assemble outside, but it also allowed us to voice our disapproval for their presence on our campus.” She continued to express that the best way to make the organization leave our community is to ignore them.

For students who felt targeted or witnessed an act of bias, please send a report to the Bias Prevention Education and Review Team at