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The Marine Technology Society returns

On October 20th, Stockton’s chapter of the Marine Technology Society met again for the first time since the start of the pandemic and layed out its plan for the semester. The Marine Technology Society (MTS) is an international organization that works to provide the public and the members information, scholarships, networking opportunities, and a peer reviewed journal. Along with these tasks the society works to display the latest technological improvements in the marine science field. All of this is meant to aid in the overall advancements in developing new tools and procedures required for exploration, research and further the responsibility of sustainable uses of the oceans. 

Stockton’s chapter of the Marine Technology Society is part of New Jersey’s student section of MTS and joins the likes of Rutgers University, Monmouth College and Stevens Institute to collaborate and share resources as well as research opportunities. Stockton’s chapter has experienced quite a history with it disbanding in 2016 due to student leaders graduating and leaving the club to be forgotten to its revival in 2019 by founding members Caitlin Turner, Peyton Benson, and Samatha Hughes in collaboration with Dr. Anna Pfieffer Herbert and Steve Evert. Since its revival in 2019, Stockton’s chapter has worked to provide all its members with hands-on learning opportunities with the marine technology that Stockton’s Marine Field Station uses regularly to conduct hydrography research as well as offering students a chance to complete student outreach with local high school students to build robotics for competitions. 

While the club did not hold regular meetings last year due to the pandemic, Stockton’s chapter of MTS has been hard at work making a name for themselves within the community as the society hosted a series of events over the summer of 2020. These events were virtual conferences with professionals within the marine technology industry and it was viewed by a vast audience that spanned the globe. This successful series of talks led to the entire New Jersey Chapter winning the Marine Technology Society Outstanding Student Section award. This award had been accepted by founding member and the chapter’s first president Caitlin Turner and co-founder and the chapter’s former president Peyton Benson. 

Now under the competent hands of founding member and current president Samatha Hughes, the Stockton’s chapter of MTS has returned to in person and virtually accessible meetings every other Wednesday at 5pm in F205. The chapter plans on hosting in person events at Stockton’s Marine Field Station on the upcoming preceptorial days of October 26th and November 3rd where students will have the opportunity to learn more about how Stockton and other institutions map the seafloor and get data on the water column. There will also be games and food for those interested in the event and the society, to find out more information check MTS’s OspreyHub page.

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