Campus Life

Table Tennis bounces back

Written for The Argo Victor Ramirez

The Stockton Table Tennis Club has resumed activity and will begin tournament play this fall semester after a hiatus due to COVID.

“I’m glad things are going back to the way they used to be, even if it’s a little different with the masks,” stated Kaden Fuller, the coach for the table tennis club.

Although members will have to wear masks while playing in order to compete, they are excited to get back into the swing of it.

Introduced as a sport in the summer olympics in 1988, table tennis has had a rich history. That history extends to Stockton’s campus with Stockton competing against Rutgers in past years. Now, a month into the semester, students are playing everyday in the campus center.

When asked why he chose to be in the table tennis club, club member Sean Trinh said “It’s interesting and I like to play, improve, and learn.”

“I chose to join because I like the competition. The people in the club are super good and fun to play with, so it always feels like I can reach that degree of skill if I practice enough,” stated club member Harry Zhu.

The Stockton University Table Tennis Club is hosting a tournament on Friday, October 29, at 6:30pm in the Campus Center Game Room. More information can be found on the club’s Instagram page, @stocktonpong.