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Student Senate bridges the gap between administration and students

In this altered fall semester, many students might feel misrepresented in Stockton’s traditional campus community. While this reality comes along by the pandemic, Stockton’s Student Senate helps bridge the gap of student voices on campus.

Upon going virtual last spring, most everyone at Stockton faced unique challenges that many have never seen before. As a socially distant community, the university came together to overcome a lot of these challenges. For those issues that still exist for students and new ones that continue to arise, Stockton Student Senate is there to answer the call.

Above: Katie Campion speaks at the groundbreaking for the Atlantic City Residence Hall on October 14, while University President Harvey Kesselman looks on.

“Our job as a senate is to be this communicative bridge between the administration and students. We value the input that students give us because that’s why we’re here,” Katie Campion, Student Senate President, said. “Above anything else, we want to listen to our students.”

Campion said Student Senate recently took survey initiatives to gain student feedback about their experiences during the age of COVID-19. 

Through the polls, Student Senate hopes to spark conversation with students to understand their needs best. The organization anticipates all students’ feedback through this method, especially those who would not regularly feel comfortable sharing their opinions.

 Campion explains how collected feedback helps Student Senate create new objectives, projects, and conversations with proper administration to absolve issues raised by students.

“Our Senate Instagram (@OspreySenate) is our main form of communication between the senators and the student body,” said Samuel Payamps, chairman of Student Senate’s Public Relations Committee. “We are constantly posting important information for students, from Stockton updates to events going on on campus.”

The Senate Public Relations Committee recently announced the results of its fall elections. Heather Cooper, Caitlyn Cornish, Jennifer Dorval, and Monica Rodriguez are among this semester’s elects and will soon receive assignments to a specific committee. 

“Above anything else, we want to listen to our students,” said Campion. “From this day forward, we will continue to create opportunities to listen, whether it be through game nights, virtual meetings, more surveys, or conversation. So, stay posted and remember to always be active through your emails.”

Student Senate encourages students looking to attend their monthly meetings, open to the entire student body. These meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. This semester’s meetings take place via Zoom: Visit Senate’s Website or the Senate’s Opreyhub page for more information. 

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