Campus Life

PASAS celebrates Pilipino culture with Barrio Fiesta

On Monday, April 18, at 6:00 p.m., a sprawling line of over 50 students and other community members waited to enter the Stockton Campus Center to celebrate the Pilipino American Students Association of Stockton’s Barrio Fiesta.

The PASAS Band performs at the Barrio Fiesta. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Similar to the Fusion Experience event held last semester, different displays of Pilipino culture were on display. Musical and dance pieces gave the audience a glimpse into Pilipino culture. Pilipino American Students Association of Stockton (PASAS) worked to make this night possible.

To start off the night, Arianna Florano sang the Pilipino national anthem. Those familiar with the lyrics sang along proudly in remembrance of their heritage of gaining independence from the Spanish. PASAS also sought to spread knowledge of their traditions by providing Pilipino food to their guests. Dishes such as Turan, spaghetti, beef/chicken caldereta, pancit canton, beef steak, lechon, and chicken adobo were available. 

After guests were settled in their seats, the performance portion of the night began. The PASAS band performed four pieces, including a traditional Pilipino song. Gabriele Depaor was the lead singer and played the piano for one piece. Florano accompanied Depaor in three out of the four pieces and simultaneously played the electric guitar. Joanna Gacayan (bass), Sean Cortez (drums), and Adrian Padayhag (piano) all played in harmony, adding to the symphony. 

Students perform Binasuan, a Pilipino folk dance. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

The dance that followed the PASAS band’s performance was the Binasuan. The 2023-2024 President of PASAS, Desiree Aragon, stated that “Binasuan is a Pilipino folk dance that originated in Bayambang, Pangasinan. The word ‘Binasuan’ means ‘with the use of drinking glasses.’ This dance has been used to express thanks to the gods in festivals and traditional celebrations, for blessings and prosperity.”

PASAS organized an event full of celebrations. Those who attended were able to experience talented dancers, singers, and other performers sharing their talents. It was a fantastic event to conclude the year.

More information about Barrio Fiestas in the Philippines can be found here.