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Student Senate announces 2023 election winners

The Stockton Student Senate held its annual elections during the week of April 10, 2023. After several days of Ospreys casting their votes, it was announced on Thursday, April 13, 2023, that Gabrielle Alexandre, Nana Amma Otoo, Katelynn Bearden, Imani Bennett, Juan Diego Chaparro, Carson Clemas, Nicholas Hilbert, Christevens Jean-Paul, Arti Kapoor, Timothy Knoll, Britney Marrugo, Andrew Mitchell, Shane Moore, Charles Obirinanwa, Michael Paccione, Tiana Rosario, Kaden Ryan, Madelyn Sacco, Vera Tagtaa, Gianna Terpolilli, Calista Vacirca, and Joseph Wozniak were all elected to serve as Student Senators. Andrea Sandoval was elected President, Garrett Testut was elected as Vice President, and Juan Diego Chaparro Villarreal was elected to the Student Trustee position.  

In an email to the newly elected candidates, outgoing Senate President Brianna Bracey stated “We are excited to welcome all of you to the team for the next academic year! It saddens me to graduate, but I have a lot of confidence that this Student Senate will be a strong one.” 

The Argo caught up with Student Senator-Elect Joseph Wozniak to ask his thoughts about being elected and what he will do as a Student Senator. He said “It’s an honor to be elected as a senator. I have always had a passion for public service. Stockton has given me so many opportunities so it’s wonderful to give back to the community.” When asked what he would do to better our University he said “ I want to tackle the unforgiving parking ticket practices employed by Campus Police. There is a lack of signage around campus where students can and cannot legally park. Many people (myself included) have received parking tickets despite not intending to break the law. Moreover, the appeals process for parking tickets should be revised.”

He also spoke on an issue that a number of Ospreys have expressed displeasure with: food options on weekends. The Senator-Elect said “I want to work with Chartwells to establish a pilot program that would allow the Lodge to stay open for extended hours on weekends. A lack of food options on campus mixed with parties on weekends is a dangerous mix. I believe this idea could potentially save lives.” Wozniak added “Every reader can reach out to me to discuss their suggestions for the betterment of the school. My email is I want to hear from you!”

This election season follows what was a very eventful term for the Stockton Student Senate. The 2022-2023 term saw the first Impeachment proceeding in roughly 20 years, followed by the resignation of another senator from their post. This past year’s Senate also oversaw the beginning of the transition from outgoing University President Dr. Harvey Kesselman to incoming President Dr. Joe Bertolino, several events and days of service, and the recent WoodStockton concert featuring singer Yung Gravy

If you have any questions you can reach out to the Student Senate at