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Yung Gravy performs at WoodStockton XIII

Yung Gravy. Photo courtesy of Emily Hamilton.

On Monday, April 3, the Stockton Entertainment Team (SET) hosted their 13th annual WoodStockton concert featuring the artist Yung Gravy. Two student openers kicked off the event in Stockton’s sports center: Frogs from Rome and the Neanderthals. Students, staff, and alumni were met with a night of Yung Gravy’s top hits like “Oops!” and “Mr. Clean.”

Yung Gravy was very interactive with the crowd, keeping fans engaged during the performance. Early on, he made sure fans were hydrated by handing out water bottles. He even incorporated the bottled water in his performance of the song “Dancing in The Rain”; when the beat dropped, the crowd and Yung Gravy sprayed water across the room.

Additionally, Yung Gravy threw multiple signed packages of Lunchables and Zebra cakes into the crowd. Multiple female fans threw their bras on stage for Yung Gravy, presumably because of his notorious interest in “MILFS.” Fans went crazy for the signed snacks and crowd interactions with Yung Gravy.

At the close of the concert, Yung Gravy gave out roses to fans and invited some additional guests on stage before ending with his song “C’est La Vie.” In the closing performance, Yung Gravy and his guests sprayed the crowd with more water, adding FrootLoops® cereal to the mix as well.

Yung Gravy addresses the crowd. Photo courtesy of Emily Hamilton.

At the end of each fall semester, SET sends out a form in which students can vote for who they would like to be the next WoodStockton artist to perform during the following spring semester. This year, the decision was marked with controversy over the system that SET uses to pick the artist, as students felt the artist decision didn’t accurately reflect their votes.

However, SET held an informational meeting to address these concerns, detailing how each of the top artists chosen in the initial poll was unable to attend the 2023 WoodStockton event. This prompted a second poll to be sent out to students to identify an artist based on the new availability SET had.

Students interested in playing a larger role in events like WoodStockton are encouraged to join SET, where they will be an integral part of the process and work that goes into creating fun, affordable events for Stockton students.