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OPINION: should Stockton’s on-campus residents be prevented from driving to class?

Written for The Argo by Shakira Rodriguez

Generations of Stockton students have struggled with the parking situation for years. Every commuter knows the nightmare it is to find parking relatively close; it is a battle of who can drive the fastest and get to an empty parking spot the quickest. While many of these spots are occupied by commuters, there are plenty of people who live on campus and drive to class, which begs the question: should resident students be allowed to park anywhere other than their designated parking lots? 

Nothing makes your day like having to drive around for 15 minutes to find a parking spot and then having to walk another 15 minutes to class. Walking into class late and having all eyes on you isn’t the best feeling. The average Stockton student knows that lots 0-7, minus permit parking lot 6A, are free game to park, while the parking lots by housing are residential parking ONLY. While lots 0 through 7 are listed as general and NON-RESIDENTIAL parking, many resident students continue to park there. 

There is plenty of parking in the residential-only lot, and student dorms across from Lake Fred are all within walking distance, so why are resident students still driving to class? Maybe pure laziness? Maybe it’s quicker than walking? While there will never be enough parking for everyone, having residential students parking in their designated lot opens up more parking spaces for commuter students and staff. Shuttles are provided free of cost to students to take to and from their dorms, an amenity that residents who drive to class aren’t using. They are there for a reason. 

Some students wake up and have family members arrive early and park in a close spot until they arrive, as I have personally witnessed. While this is completely legal, it is unfair. If residents can have their own parking lot, then commuters should have that same advantage as well.