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Q&A of the week— career corner

Q: Do you need mentorship to succeed in your career?

A: Many people jump into their desired career paths without getting the right guidance and run the risk of eventually making decisions that they will later regret. This is where mentorship comes in. It is advantageous to have someone to offer you guidance to prevent you from making avoidable mistakes. A mentor is an experienced individual who can offer guidance to you. One thing mentors have that cannot be bought is their experience—keep in mind that the greatest teacher is experience. Mentors can offer advice on a variety of subjects, including—but not limited to—the kinds of classes to take as you work towards getting your degree, what institutions to consider for graduate education, and companies to apply to work at.

When selecting a mentor, it is important for you to research the individual you are considering to be sure that they are successful in their field. Additionally, it is important to choose your mentor from within your industry, because it makes it easier for them to understand your challenges and provide solutions for you. Before you approach anyone for mentorship, you must have done some work on yourself to show that you are serious and ready for mentorship, because no one wants to invest in someone who is not committed to future career-related success.

One thing that you may enjoy from mentorship is potential access to resources, people, and many other things that you cannot get on your own. Mentors can be fundamental to the success of many people—some of the most successful people in the world have attributed some of their greatest career-related accomplishments to the guidance of their mentors.