Campus Life

African Student Organization holds fifth annual fashion show

Stockton student Autumn Mcgaster. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

On Friday, March 24, 2023, the African Student Organization (ASO) held its fifth annual fashion show in the Campus Center’s event room. The fashion show was well-attended by over 150 individuals, which included members of the ASO, relatives and friends of the club’s members, and guests from other institutions like Rowan University and Rutgers University.

Different African brands brought their works to showcase them while the students modeled the colorful African regalias. Some of the clothes showcased were Ankara styles, Tie & dye (Adire) styles, Batik styles and Lace wears. Some of the brands at the fashion show included Jacquise collections and Nonnie collections.

A student walks the runway at ASO’s annual fashion show. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Another highlight of the event was when dancers from Camden thrilled the audience with their Afrobeats dance performance. In the same vein, there was a dancing competition that students took part in; at the end, everyone was declared the winner because of the impeccable performance of the participants of the dancing competition. Guests were also invited to choose the best dressed at the event.

Bola’s Kitchen supplied the food for the event, preparing small chops which consisted of Puff puff, spring rolls, meat pie, and Suya for the event. Many of the non-African students were excited to have tasted them, as they claimed they had never had anything like that before.

The event came to an end with the E-board collection, where all members of the ASO’s e-board wore African attire. ASO’s president, Dorothea Toku, gave a brief closing remark, expressing her appreciation to everyone attending the fashion show, which was considered by some in attendance to be a rare display of culture.