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Opinion: commuters rejoice as Pomona Rd. and Vera King Farris Dr. intersection project nears completion

At long last, the months-long construction project at the Pomona Road and Vera King Farris Drive intersection is finally coming to a close. The project began back in October of 2022 and was originally planned to be completed in a few weeks; however, in what some may consider true Jersey construction fashion, it dragged out through the fall semester and continued through the better part of the spring semester as well. 

The Pomona Road and Vera King Farris Drive intersection. Photo courtesy of Matthew Cavallo.

The project involved installing a traffic light, re-paving, and installing a ramp for those driving east on Pomona Rd and making a right onto Vera King Farris Drive. These changes certainly make it easier for the North Lot and South Lot shuttles, as it was challenging for many drivers to make the turn to get to campus—I have certainly seen a couple close calls while aboard the shuttle.

After months of work, the spot was essentially left vacant, bumpy, and unpaved for much of the winter. But at the beginning of March, Stockton said in a statement on its Project Alerts page, “On Monday, March 13 through Tuesday, March 21, 2023, a full detour will be in effect on Pomona Road in Galloway Township, between Liebig Avenue and Moss Mill Road, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., weather permitting, for county road work.” 

This project has been challenging for many students, including yours truly. Student Brianna Barretta commented that “The traffic and congestion due to this long project have made it extremely difficult to get around the area.”

Having been on Spring Break, I had no idea about the full detour. So, when I was on my way back from home—and already running late for class—I got off the parkway at Exit 44. I was then subjected to the crazy detour, followed by an extra long shuttle ride, making me roughly 15 minutes late to class. 

According to a flashing sign on Vera King Farris Drive, the traffic lights are scheduled to be turned on Wednesday, March 29, signifying the project’s completion. So, cheers Stockton! The nightmare of the Pomona Road and Vera King Farris Drive construction project is finally coming to an end.