Career Corner

Tutorial: using Coursera to grow skills

Gone are the days when employers hire individuals solely based on high GPAs. Now the desire of every employer is to have a workforce that is able to perform almost all the required tasks without getting external help. That is why you will see that most companies now have their own IT department instead of contracting web or software engineers from outside the firm, and other firms have their own consultants in charge of the capacity building of employees in their HR department. This is because having people on board that can do most of the work helps to save on unnecessary costs.

Consequently, as a 21st-century youth who will soon be seeking a job, it is important that you have a highly attractive skillset that is bigger than what you learned in the classroom. Remember, the greatest room that can never be filled is the room for improvement. A good platform that allows you to grow your skillset for affordable prices (and sometimes for free) is Coursera.

Coursera was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller and the company’s headquarters is located in California. Coursera is an open online course provider that gives you access to learn job-relevant, in-demand skills via learning from experts and global professionals. With over 113 million global subscribers to the platform, Coursera has made it possible for you to acquire new skills at your own pace without having to attend a conference or workshop. 

Many higher education institutions are beginning to imbue Coursera into their learning resources, so don’t be surprised if you see Coursera used in one of your classes soon instead of Blackboard. 

Coursera’s user interface is user-friendly, such that users can navigate through the page easily and sign up for courses. In addition to that, you get a certification for most courses to attest that you attended the course. 

Coursera has redefined how individuals acquire new skills and build on existing ones, and it is important for everyone desiring professional development to utilize the platform.