Campus Life

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc. holds virtual “Sorority Life 101” meeting for PNMs

Written for The Argo by Esmeralda Rivera

As the Spring semester begins, many organizations are getting ready for another semester of recruitment. One of these organizations is Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority Incorporated, the first multicultural sorority in the nation. They were founded in 1981 at the Rutgers University New Brunswick campus as their Amazona Chapter.

The Zaona chapter of MSU was founded at Stockton on November 18, 1995. Being a multicultural organization, their goal is to provide sisters of any background with a community they can count on during their undergraduate and post-graduate careers, and beyond. They focus on upholding their goals of Academic Excellence, Unity Amongst Women, and To be active in the University and Community. Their symbol is the Amazon Warrior, representing strong, fierce, and independent women.

The sisters of MSU at a Yard Show. Photo courtesy of Ana Estevez.

MSU serves the community through many programs that benefit those in need, like services for autistic children and their families, and walks to bring awareness to different causes. One of their many programs is R.A.C.E. (Recognizing and Celebrating Ethnicities), a special event that celebrates the diversity within the sorority. They feature many cultural dances, music, food, outfits, and more. It is an artistic, educational experience for both the members and the other students at the university.

On January 26th, Ana Estevez, the Chapter Advisor for the Zaona chapter of MSU, held a virtual event titled “Sorority Life 101,” which informed attending PNMs about their sorority and Greek Life in general. During the meeting, Estevez went over the different Greek councils Stockton has, the difference between them, and other frequently asked questions. She also explained the significance of the Greek letters, representing colors, and the confidentiality between Greek members.

One highlighted difference was that while other social organizations like the NPC sororities have a shorter, formal Rush with rounds in which PNMs get to know the members, the cultural organizations have a series of different events throughout the semester that their PNMs can attend and receive info about the different organizations. Another difference between MSU and the other Greek organizations is that, unlike the other chapters that use Greek letters, MSU sisters get to choose what to name their chapters and individual lines at different universities.

The Spring 2023 MSU event schedule. Photo courtesy of Ana Estevez.

Estevez, who graduated from Stockton in 2011, expressed after the meeting that the purpose of the event was to “share with potential ladies interested in Greek life that there is an array of organizations to choose from at Stockton and that they should take the time to research them before committing to one.” She expressed that “sometimes what they select is not what they would have wanted, and it is sad to hear that from fellow Greeks who joined without knowing or being exposed to all their options. We hope this event helped to bring awareness to the diversity we have within the Greek community and to do your research.”

MSU currently has 7 other events planned for the Spring 2023 semester so potential new sisters can attend and get to know their organization. Their upcoming event is a Ladies’ Night Informational on February 7th, 7:00 PM, taking place on the Atlantic City campus in room B119. For more information, follow MSU at @zaona_msu on Instagram.