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Einstein Bros. hits the Stockton eatery scene

This semester, Stockton introduced a satellite Einstein Bros. Bagels location in C wing, offering a wide selection of gourmet coffee, drinks, bagel sandwiches, and other treats. The breakfast joint seems to be intended to fill the hole left in many’s hearts after the closure of Au Bon Pain a few years ago, which occupied the very same spot Einstein Bros. now covets. During the first week of classes, lines composed of hungry students vying for a first taste of the long-anticipated menu stretched far into the hallway.

Students visit Einstein’s Bros. Bagels on Wednesday afternoon. Photo Courtesy of Suzanna Cook.

The establishment seems to have awakened something within the student body. “I just primally inhaled a bagel sandwich into my gaping maw like a caveman who has been stalking his prey for weeks and needs the calories lest he succumbs to starvation,” said Caroline Eng, sophomore and happy customer. With many testimonials such as this one, there’s no denying Einstein’s grand opening was an instant smash hit. But the question on many people’s minds remains to be answered; where will it fall in the ranking of Stockton’s most popular dining establishments? I set out on a mission to answer that question.

A Green Chile bagel with plain schmear. Photo courtesy of Suzanna Cook

As evidenced by the ever-present crowd around the breakfast and lunchtime hours, Dunkin’ seems to reign as the current supreme of coffee and bagel sales on campus. The Bean’s List, though smaller and less equipped, caters to Starbucks fans who prefer more gourmet-quality sips. With Einstein Bros. thrown into the mix, students willing to make the trek to C Wing may receive the best of both worlds, with a wider variety of sandwich options than Dunkin’ and an impressive assortment of coffee drinks.

With all of this in mind, it was time to see for myself if the hype was justified. (Tip: avoid the line by going while classes are typically in session.) I went for a Green Chile bagel with a plain schmear. After an admittedly lengthy wait of about 10 minutes, I was able to retrieve my order from the counter. Upon my first bite, I was introduced to a mouth-watering flavor profile with just the right amount of spice. The bagel itself was especially soft, crispy, and buttery in all the right places. The light and creamy schmear absolutely danced on the tongue, but the most distinct feature of the meal was the exceptional freshness.

I recommend that students wishing not to be late to class give themselves ample time to stand in line and wait for their order while the establishment adjusts to its demand. Wait times have been reported to be up to 30 minutes during peak times. While the overall experience was time-consuming, I would say that the pleasant, hardworking staff and high-quality food make up for it. I could see this location becoming the most popular eatery on campus with time. Einstein Bros is open Monday through Friday at 8am, with times varying to close between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.

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