Women’s basketball beats Rutgers-Camden, improving 6-1 record

Stockton women’s basketball started off the season strong, taking on Rutgers-Camden at The Sports Center. The Ospreys blew out the opponent, 63-30. Stockton’s record is now 6-1, adding on another loss for Rutgers-Camden, 1-6.

Comparing the teams’ records, the odds of the win were in Stockton’s favor. Therefore, it was essential for the Ospreys to play their game—and they did just that. By outperforming the Raptors in rebounds and shouting percentage, the Ospreys were guaranteed the lead.

Women’s basketball made major improvements from last year. The record at the beginning of the season was 4-3, compared to this year’s record of 6-1. The two freshman starters Imene Fathi (#3) and Lauren Winant (#14) have been a great addition to the team. Fathi plays in the guard position and does a great job distributing the ball and setting the pace for her team. The forward, Lauren Winant, has made great defensive efforts. As she matures, it will be nice to see her take more shots and dominate the paint. Overall this has been a great start to the season for the Ospreys and hopefully, fans can see them make it far this season.

For more information on the team, check out for the women’s team schedule. The women’s team is next scheduled to play Rutgers-Newark on December 7th.