Campus Life

Stockton’s Pilipino-American Students Association hosts first-ever gala

Bayotas and Luc are crowned PSAS’s first-ever King and Queen. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

On Saturday, December 3rd, the Philipino American Students Association of Stockton (PASAS) successfully held its first-ever gala after three months of preparation. It was the biggest event the club had hosted and Ashley Dalisay, President of PASAS, believes this was all possible with the support from the other E-board members and other Stockton organizations. Campus Center event room doors opened at 5:45 p.m. to kick start this fantastic Saturday night.

Around 200 Stockton students and guests arrived in their best attire. Drinks, a dinner buffet, and pastries were provided, as well as a photo booth to make this night memorable. The Asian Student Alliance (ASA) club co-sponsored the DJ for the event, Starshield Studios provided the photo booth free of charge, and the Student Senate funded the entire event.

The song selections had everyone on the dance floor all night and the event room was decorated with black and gold, matching the formal attire. Julia Logue was invited by her friend Lira Cariaga, who is also a member of the E-board. Logue remarked, “I loved [the Gala]! It’s so much fun.”

Andrew Sindarius added, “It’s a very fun time. [A] great environment and I am glad to be a part of this.”

As the night carried on, PASAS held the suspense, announcing their King and Queen at the end of the night. Twelve couples submitted their prom-posals and color coordination for this special moment. Being named King and Queen is exciting in general, but to some to be the first ever is an important occasion.

Attendees dance the night away. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Paolo Bayotas III, Vice President, and Emily Luc, event coordinator, won the majority of the crowd and were named PASAS’s first-ever King and Queen. They were crowned and shared a slow dance on the floor. The pair met a year ago when Luc joined PASAS, and the rest is history. Both have felt grateful to find a place where they can feel at home and welcomed.

Bayotas remarks, “It’s been my safe haven, my other family at school… This is where I really feel comfortable aside from home.” His response to winning PASAS Gala King, “I wasn’t expecting [to win]. There were a lot of really good submissions. So it was a good competition but.. it feels nice to be like the first. To make history.”

Luc, being the event coordinator, worked to get a big social event going in the fall. “This is exactly what I wanted to do in the future. Planning events has been my dream… I thought why not change it up? Give a chance for people to experience prom when they couldn’t back in high school [during the pandemic],” she said. Bayota added, “Hopefully in future reunions, years, e-boards, and club members they can hopefully pass this on and continue our new tradition.”