Career Corner

Tutorial: using Careerbuilder for job search

Careerbuilder is a great site to use for job searches. The webpage is user-friendly and very easy to get around. When you open the website, the homepage allows you to put in a job title that you are searching for as well as your location then you can hot the ‘search jobs’ tab. You can upload your resume also. Like other job search sites, when you click ‘search jobs,’ it takes you to several opportunities and provides you with the details of those opportunities. You are also able to choose the job type of your liking, select recent job postings, choose the kind of pay range that you are interested in, distance, and so on.

In addition to that, there is a live chat section that allows you to communicate with the platform to ask questions you may have. These questions help you with your search and provide you with more information that you may need. 

Furthermore, if you are an employer or you are looking for someone to render their services to you, you can post a job using the tab at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. It also helps if you sign up and create an account on the page, as you can get notifications often whenever a job opportunity is available.