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Q: What qualifies as a business professional attire?

A: Business professional attire is a standard type of attire that is usually worn for formal, professional, or official purposes like interviews, business presentations, workshops, and so on. It is important to wear such attires for professional purposes because it helps you look the part. Most times, when job candidates or employees dress professionally, employers are usually impressed and would most likely recommend you for any opportunity. For men, business professional attire would be a dress suit, a dress shirt, a tie, and dress shoes. For ladies, dress suits, dress blouses, or corporate dresses with dress shoes are examples of business professional attire. Note that jeans on jackets, turtlenecks, or tee shirts worn with suits or tuxedos don’t qualify as professional attire. Also, wearing sneakers on suits changes your business professional look to business casual, so avoid unnecessary additions to your attire.