Campus Life

Student Senate holds Senatesgiving town hall

At 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 8, Stockton Student Senate held their Senatesgiving Town Hall in junction with Stockton University’s Administration. Senatesgiving is an annual tradition at Stockton that is held to help familiarize students with members of Stockton’s administration. It also serves as a way to bring pressing and non-pressing issues to the attention of the Student Senate.

Attendees socialize at the Senatesgiving town hall. Photo courtesy of Charles Obirinanwa.

Among members of the university’s administration that were in attendance were the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Leamor Kahanov, Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Christopher Catching, Vice President for Enrollment Management Dr. Robert Heinrich, Vice President for University Advancement Dan Nugent, Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic City Campus Brian K. Jackson, the Deans of each school, and the directors of Stockton’s various offices.

About fifteen out of the thirty-two student senators attended the event. Senate President Brianna Bracey, along with Chairperson of the Student Affairs committee Andrea Sandoval, anchored the event and gave opening remarks. In President Bracey’s speech, she acknowledged every member of the university’s administration and thanked them for their presence. She also cited the event as a networking opportunity, encouraging students to meet with the University’s administrators to ask questions, share concerns, and get to know them on a personal level.

Irenonsen Eigbe, the Student Senate Government Affairs Chairperson, stated that, “It’s important to me that we revived this event to give students the chance to talk about their issues and understand who the people are that are in charge of resolving them. From COVID, we’ve lost a lot of our connection and it’s something Student Senate really wants to work on bringing back”

Student Affairs Chair Senator Sandoval also welcomed the students back from Thanksgiving break, urging them to prepare adequately for finals week and not to forget that academics take first priority. After these remarks, attendees were able to get dinner, where Halal options were available. During dinner, a slideshow was displayed showing all the university’s administrators, principal officers, and members of the student senate.