Stockton presents Fall Choreography Project

Written for The Argo by Victoria Orlowski

On December 1 and December 3 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Stockton University hosted its annual Fall Choreography Project in the Performing Arts Center. The project is a way for up-and-coming choreographers in the Stockton community to showcase their work, giving both choreographers and dancers a chance to show their artistic talent and push the boundaries of their form. 

The program was put together by the Stockton University Dance Company with the help of artistic directors Caitlin Quinn Pittenger, Beau Hancock, and Rain Ross. Each of the artists played with different styles of modern and contemporary dance to create new thought-provoking pieces. The dancers beautifully portrayed these works and seemed to be all smiles on and off stage. 

If you missed the Fall Choreography Project, you are still able to catch future productions during the upcoming semester. The Stockton Dance Company is hosting its Spring Dance Concert on March 2 – 4 and its Emerging Choreographers Showcase on April 20 – 22.