Campus Life

Student Senate holds public meeting

On Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 Stockton Student Senate held a public senate meeting. The public senate meeting, which is always held on the last Tuesday of every month, took place in the Michael Jacobson Board of Trustees Room. The meeting commenced at 4:37 p.m. when Senate President Brianna Bracey called the meeting to order and motioned to approve the minutes of the full senate meeting on October 25th, 2022. Thereafter, President Bracey gave her report. She started by welcoming everyone back from the Thanksgiving break and stated that she will serve as the undergraduate representative for the Faculty Senate Student Affairs committee. Then, she went on to express her appreciation for the chairpersons and their committees.

Vice President Benjamin Yandell delivered his remark after Presdient Bracey, stating that “It’s getting to the most challenging part of the semester for a lot of us, myself included.” He also added that Student Senate had a productive November and hosted and sponsored some events like the Student, Staff, and Faculty Dinner, Senatesgiving Town Hall, and mentioned how the Student Senate took part in the Campus Safety Walk. 

Thereafter, Student Affairs Chairperson, Senator Andrea Sandoval gave her report. She stated that the Student Affairs committee has been working with the Public Relations and Governmental Affairs Committee on different events, like Sweets for Suggestions. She also noted that her committee has been meeting with Chartwells to discuss students’ concerns and appreciated everyone that took part in Chartwells’ Voice to Vision survey. Then she expressed her appreciation for Janvi Patel, the Campus Smoking Policy Task Force Student Representative, for meeting on November 9th with the task force where they discussed changes to Stockton’s smoking policy.

Academic Affairs Chairperson, Senator Monica Rodriguez gave her report next. She appreciated the students that took part in the post-precepting survey. She said that 144 students took part in the survey, out of which 65% were good but the rest were inadequate. She also highlighted that students are allowed to change their preceptors whenever they liked. She further noted that Senator Nana Otoo, a member of the Academic Affairs committee met with Dr. Ian Marshall, the new Dean for the School of Arts & Humanities and they discussed the potential of a Fashion Design curriculum while Senator Jasmine Burdett met with Dr. Warren Kleinsmith, the Dean for the School of Business and he encouraged students to maximize resources at students while specifically highlighting the Food Assistance Program and Stockton Cares. Senator Rodriguez also stated that WLFR, Stockton’s radio station will continue to produce a podcast aimed at humanizing connections and breaking down barriers between students and staff, faculty or administration.

Furthermore, Governmental Affairs Chairperson, Senator Irenonsen Eigbe, gave her remark noting the committee’s partnership with Stockton University Democrats and Republicans for a documentary viewing on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022. The film, titled Common Ground, was produced by student interns at the University of Virginia and it explores the political climate at UVA through the eyes of students with differing political beliefs. Afterward, four proposed amendments to the Student Senate’s constitution were called and the senators voted in favor of all four amendments thus, making all four become part of the constitution.

In the same vein, Public Relations Chairperson, Senator Brandon Wildman delivered his committee’s report starting with the committee’s newest event called Procaffeinate with Senate while highlighting that the purpose of the event is for students to connect with senators on an individual level. He also stated that the PR Committee reached out to The Argo Student Newspaper to plan towards having a short blurb to let everyone know the activities of the senate. Then he added that clubs can utilize the senate’s social media platforms to advertise their clubs and events.

Afterward, Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson, Joshua Hunte gave his report. He stated that the D&I committee had commenced its planning for the Annual Continue the Movement event in February to remind us of the work and people it took to bring us to where we are today. He also said that a member of the committee, Senator Vera, is also a member of the Interior Design Committee for the Multicultural Center and she is in the process of formulating a Student Art Contest, where the winner’s work will be on display. Then, he announced that the committee is working on revamping a previous event called ‘Adultish,’ a workshop to prepare graduating students for post-graduation. Lastly, he stated that Senator Christivens is working with Dr. Beverly Vaughn and the Music department to hold a Student Showcase concert with a headline artist.

Finally, Finance Committee Chairperson, Senator Shalayby Parson delivered his committee’s report. He started by stating that the committee heard 9 funding requests, of which 4 will be voted on that evening. On the other hand, supplemental requests that were approved include Religious Council’s, $1499 that was requested for the Student, Faculty, and Staff dinner which was held on November 17th. Then, the committee approved a request for $945.76 by Stockton Garden Outdoors Club to build a greenhouse. Also, a $250 request by the Stockton Horror Society was approved for the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society Public speaker. Then, $700 was approved for Stockton Rock Climbing club to supply day passes to attend Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Climbing. The requests that were to be voted on are Urban Lights’ request for $6375 for a trip to Sight and Sound to see the show “David,” a $7000 request by Stockton Model UN for the Model UN Conference in New York City, a $3861.64 request by Pilipino American Students Association of Stockton for their Gala and Stockton Aquarium and Aquaculture Club’s $5000 for their Fish-A-Palooza event. All four requests were approved at the public senate meeting. The meeting ended some minutes before 6pm after Director Adrian Wiggins gave a brief report on the Campus Safety Walk.