Stockton Music Union hosts 2022 Winter Concert

The Jellyfish Jams performs “Follow me Like the Moon” by Sammy Rae and the Friends. Photo courtesy of Suzanna Cook.

On Friday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m., the Stockton Music Union hosted its annual winter concert in the Campus Center Theatre, with optional donations accepted in lieu of an admission fee. The audience was treated to a night of free live music from some of the best musical minds Stockton has to offer.

The show kicked off with featured performances by a diverse array of opening acts, from soothing indie pop all the way to death metal. Opening acts included the bands Wumbology, Half Apps, Bistro Sensations, Steps of Death, and Ape Adhesive. Stockton Music Union President and emcee Matt DiGialleonardo announced each new performance, guiding the audience through the night with humorous anecdotes and interesting information about new and returning members alike.

Drain Cleaner begins its act with “Decode” by Paramore. Photo Courtesy of Suzanna Cook.

Once the audience was warmed up, performances by the Stockton Music Union bands began. First up was Cowboys and Confetti, who gave the audience a hearty dose of indie rock in classic western attire. Drain Cleaner was up next, dipping their toes in several genres, including R&B, rock, alternative/indie and a touch of soul. After intermission, The Disciples of Lake Fred took the stage, “blocking out the haters” with their matching shades. Their unique renditions of songs from the likes of alternative icons charmed viewers. Closing out the show was The Jellyfish Jams, the largest band. Horns, strings, and woodwinds joined the mix to create a jazzy, funky, soulful symphony. The audience enjoyed not just the music but watching the vibrant personalities of each performer light up on stage.

“We meticulously practiced our performances for the whole semester,” said Luke McBrearty, new member and bassist for featured bands Wumbology and Drain Cleaner. “I’ve never felt more comfortable on stage before, and performing made all of the hard work worth it,” he added.

Members of Stockton Music Union take their final bow at the end of the concert. Photo courtesy of Suzanna Cook.

For those wishing to keep up with Stockton Music Union’s future endeavors, updates and information can be found on their instagram page @stocktonmusicunion. Anyone wishing to catch their spring concert or any other Stockton Music Union events should keep an eye on Ospreyhub.