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Stockton students give back to their community for Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 19th, a group of Stockton students gathered at the Egg Harbor Township Walmart to collect donations for the South Jersey Community Food Bank. Nonperishable and perishable food items were accepted so that families in need could enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Stockton students collect Thanksgiving donations outside of Walmart. Photo courtesy of Rachel Rolle.

Shoppers were happy to donate, giving out donations from their cars and approaching the students at the entrance. In the first hour, everything ran smoothly. The Salvation Army joined the Stockton students outside of Walmart shortly after, but the majority of customers still opted to support Stockton’s cause.

Stockton student Isha Patel (featured on the left) was among the volunteers. She helped the South Jersey Community Food Bank over the summer and decided to reconnect with CJ Cicchino, the volunteer coordinator, for Stockton University’s service learning project. A family was supposed to cover this stand but had to cancel last minute, so Patel was entrusted to set it up along with her group. When asked about the experience and why she enjoys volunteering here, Patel said that “It’s a great way to connect with the community and to receive donations from everyone and to [see] people in need receive those donations… that’s an amazing thing.”

To show additional support for South Jersey’s year-round Community Food Bank, feel free to donate using this link: