Campus Life

Stockton theatre club presents carnival-themed haunted walk

On Thursday, October 27th, 2022, Stockton’s Theatre Club put on its annual Haunted Walk at the path by N-Wing. This year, the walk was circus-themed and featured club members dressed as evil clowns, some wielding pickaxes, and a mysterious fortune teller. The real fright came at the darkest part of the Haunted Walk; in pitch-black darkness, masked figures crept up behind groups, and screams could be heard from around Lake Fred.

This year’s annual Haunted Walk was put together by Theatre Club president Emily Stevens and the collaboration of other members within the club. Planning for this event begins in the Spring semester prior to the event in order to reserve the time and space for the Fall semester at the end of October. Club members vote on a theme, sign up for positions, and select a director–or sometimes even co-directors, like this year. There is no audition process to be part of the Haunted Walk and those who participate as characters simply sign up for positions. Theatre Club solely relies on the talent and strengths of each individual to put on a show for students and staff who dare to go down the path.

Directors pull costumes, props, and decorations from the Theatre Club’s inventory, and from there the club highlights things that are needed outside of their resources. Members and actors bring in items when necessary, and if needed will buy other props within the Theatre Club’s budget. 

PR officers are in charge of distributing media surrounding the event in terms of theme and cost which is a small fee of $5. This money goes right back into the club in order to keep the Haunted Walk continually funded. 

Theatre Club meetings are held every Thursday at 4:30 P.M. in the Experimental Theater Lobby, located underneath the PAC.